Validating a referee will require for you to ensure that the referee has completed the required action to earn a reward. 

How are referee accounts validated?

There are 3 ways to validate referee accounts:

  • Manual verification: a portal user must manually validate accounts.
  • Data exchange via file exchange: we've set up an SFTP that exchanges files to validate accounts on a specific schedule (e.g. weekly).
  • Data exchange via API: we've integrated to your customer system and can validate accounts in real time or on a specific schedule (e.g. nightly).

What are the different account statuses?

As you validate accounts, the account status should change.  The different account statuses are as follows: 

  • Unknown: This is the initial default status, which means the system doesn’t know the current status of the account. This is the default status prior to validating an account.
  • Valid: This status means the Referee has an account with you.
  • Invalid: This status means the Referee does not have an account with you.
  • Closed: This status means the Referee had an account with you but the account has been closed and the Referee is no longer a customer of yours.

How do I manually record purchases in the Portal?

If the account is valid and the purchase is eligible:
In the first section of the Referral Page, there will be a highlighted section, with a button titled 'Record a Purchase'. 

If you select 'Record a Purchase', you will need to open your own internal system, and check the details of the referee, to ensure that have opened an account and made a qualifying purchase.

Account Identifier: The unique identifier used to identify a specific end customer in your customer information system. (eg - account number, phone number, etc)

Account Creation Date: This is the date the Referrer became a customer in your system.

Eligible for Referrer Rewards: This is a check box that is defaulted as true so the member is eligible to receive Referrer rewards.

Order Number: The order number, purchase ID, receipt ID, transaction ID, etc. for the Referee’s purchase or account creation.

Purchase Date: The date the Referee made the purchase.

Purchase Amount: How much the Referee spent on the purchase. 

Once you hit 'Submit', their profile status will update accordingly.

If the account is invalid:
If you select the Mark Account as Invalid, a pop up box (see below) will appear for confirmation that you would like to make the account invalid.  

You will be able to change an invalid status to valid again by selecting Provide Account and completing the requested fields.  

If the Referee has been validated in a previous referral before, their account information provided previously will be pre-populated.

Does your program require referees to activate accounts only?

Click here to learn how to record Referee accounts only.

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