If you were interested in viewing information about your members, you are able to view:

  1. Profile Information: Basic profile information like email address, first name, and last name.
  2. Account Information: Client-related account Information like account identifier, account creation date, account status, and whether their account is eligible for rewards. (this information is either inputted manually by your team, or is updated with data exchange files). 
  3. Referrals: A list of referral made by the member.
  4. Rewards: A list of rewards earned by the member and rewards fulfilled for the member.

Here is a further breakdown of each of the sections:

Profile Information

This Profile tab displays the member’s referral profile-related information such as email address, first name, last name, and address. You can update this information on behalf the Member, by clicking on the ‘Edit Member’ button. If this member was referred by someone, you will see who referred them at the bottom of the tab. 

Account Information

The Account tab displays the member’s client-related account information such as their Account Identifier (e.g. Account Number, Phone Number, Match Key, Email on Account, etc.), Account Creation Date, Account Status, and Reward Eligibility. 

The Account tab also has the list of purchases made by the member. 

  • Purchase Number: The purchase number of a product order. 
  • Purchase Date: The date the purchase was made.
  • Purchase Amount: The sub-total of the purchase.
  • Product: The product or products that were purchased
  • If no purchases have been made, the Portal will display “This member has not made any purchases”.


The Referral tab displays all of the referrals sent by the member.

  • Referred: The name of the person that was referred.
  • Email Address: The email address of the person that was referred.
  • Referral Status: The status of the referral.
  • Claim Date: The date the referral was claimed. If this is blank, it means the referrer has sent an email referral but the referee has not yet claimed their offer. The referee might’ve clicked on the email but there won’t be a claim date until the referee has provided their name and email address on the referral landing page.
  • If no referrals have been sent, the Portal will display “This member has not made any referrals”.


The Rewards tab displays all rewards earned by the member.

  • Date Earned: The date the reward was earned.
  • Item: What was earned (e.g. account credit, discounts, gift cards, etc.)? If the reward is an electronically fulfilled coupon code, the coupon code will display here as well.
  • Source: How the reward was earned (e.g. rewarded for being referred, rewarded for referring a friend, etc.)?
  • If no rewards have been earned, the Portal will display “This member has not earned any rewards”.

The Rewards tab also displays all of the rewards fulfilled for the member.

  • Item: What was earn (e.g. account credits, coupon code, physical gift card, etc.)?
  • Status: The status of the fulfillment. Here are some possible statuses:

          Awaiting Fulfillment: The reward has been earn but has not been fulfilled yet.               Sent for Fulfillment: The reward has been sent for fulfillment by a third-party                 reward vendor.
: The reward has been fulfilled.

  • Action: If the fulfillment is done manually, you can mark the reward as fulfilled here.

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