Q: If you are on the My Referrals page and click on the call to action button but keep getting re-directed back to the My Referrals page with the same image, it is likely because you are likely logged in as a Wordpress administrator. Wordpress administrators do not have a Wordpress User ID and our referral program requires that all referring members have a unique Wordpress User ID. When you try to log in to send a referral as a Wordpress administrator, the connection between your store and the RewardStream system fails because there is no Wordpress User ID and this causes the page to fail to load, causing a perpetual re-direct.

You will need to log in using a customer My Account in a different browser or an incognito/private browser window to see the My Referrals page.

If that does not work for you, please contact us by selecting the chat bubble on the bottom right, or shoot us an email at getstarted@rewardstream.com 

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