Testing is a key step when setting up your referral program. The main objective of testing is to ensure all referrals are automatically being processed corrected.  Before you jump into testing, be sure that you have completed the following:

Below is a list of steps that we recommend that you follow prior to going live. 

1. Visit www.yourstore.com/refer to test your referral home page

2. Log in with your My Account and click on the My Referrals link in the My Account menu

3. Copy and paste your referral link in an incognito/private window or another browser

4. Enter your name and email address to get your referral code

5. Make a purchase using that referral code and email address

6. Verify in the RewardStream management portal that your referral was Approved and you received your reward (please note, the order you made in step 5 must be in the "Completed" status because the referral will be approved in the RewardStream system. If the portal is saying the referral is still waiting for the purchase, it means the order isn't complete yet and our plugin is waiting for the order to be complete before it sends the purchase data to RewardStream for referral validation).

Don't forget to check our recommendations for promoting your application, and our best practices on your first three months

If the above did not work for you, feel free to reach out to using by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom right. As well, shoot us an email at getstarted@rewardstream.com 

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