Now that you have installed your WooCommerce Extension, it is time to make configurations for your store.  In order to provide the best customer experience, we recommend that you consider configuring the following pages listed below in a way that will work best for your business. 

In order to make changes to the features/pages above, be sure to be logged into your Wordpress dashboard and follow the steps.

  1. Referral Home Page: this page is where customers can to learn more about your referral program. The page is visible by all visitors at .

A. Customize your referral home page by going to Pages > Refer A Friend.  You will see an empty content block, copy and paste the following into the content block: 

<div class="spark-refer-embed"></div>

B. Once you have pasted in the code, select the Publish button on the right hand side of the page. It should display as the following within your site:

2. Send Referral Page: this page is where your customers will send referrals and check their referral history. The page visible by customers who are logged in their My Account at .

A. Customize your Referral Page content by going to  WooCommerce > Referrals > My Referrals Page Content and replacing the content with this block : (TEXT mode)


<!-- Embeds the referral dashboard here -->



<br />


<!-- Embeds a button for your customers to check their referral history -->


<h3>Referral History</h3>

<p>See a list of referrals you've made and the status of each referral:</p>

<!-- Referral activity statement opens here using spark-statement class -->

<p><a href="javascript:"><button title="Referral History" type="submit"><span><span>Referral History</span></span></button></a></p>



B. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select Save Settings

3. Checkout Success Message: A message that appears at the bottom of your Checkout Success page to promote your referral program to your customers after successful purchases.

A. Customize your checkout success page block by going to  WooCommerce > Referrals > Checkout Success Message  and replacing the content with this block :


<h2><strong>Want [referrerdiscount] off your next purchase?</strong></h2>

<p>Refer a friend and get [referrerdiscount] for each successful referral. Your friends will get[refereediscount] off their first purchase. It's that easy.</p>



<a href=' [yourwebsite]/my-account/my-referrals'>

<button type="button" title="Refer A Friend"><span><span>Refer A Friend</span></span></button>



B. The content will be visible by all customers after they’ve made a purchase at[order_number]/?key=wc_order_[order_id].

4. Purchase Required Logic: A toggle that can prevent visitors that haven't made orders on your store to make referrals. We recommend disabling this toggle at launch.

A. Enable or disable the Purchase Required toggle by going to  WooCommerce > Referrals > Require Purchase. Checking this toggle will require your customer to make a successful order on your store before they can send a referral.

B. The HTML will be visible by customers who are logged in their My Account but have not made an approved purchase at

If you'd like, RewardStream can configure the plugin for you by giving RewardStream access to log in to your Wordpress dashboard. Just reach out to 

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