Congratulations! You now have successfully set up a customer referral program with RewardStream. The next steps now is to ask customers to make referrals for you. Ask and you shall receive. 

A referral program isn't a one-time promotion or deal, rather, it's a system and marketing strategy that allows you to acquire new customers and retain your existing customers by rewarding them for their loyalty. In our previous experience, it can take upwards of 4 to 8 months for your referral program to get traction with your customers (slow and steady wins the race!). 

Here are some suggestions that we have found to work best:

  1. Have a public referral home page that is SEO friendly and easy for your customers to find
  2. Optimize your checkout success message (for eCommerce stores)
  3. Send a launch email to your customer list (and remind them periodically, once every 2-3 months)
  4. Add a promotional banner about the referral program on your home page
  5. Add a link to the referral program on your My Account menu
  6. Add a link to the referral program on your website footer
  7. Write a blog post on your referral program launch
  8. Post about your referral program to your social media channels to let your customers and followers know you have a referral program
  9. Add a link to your system emails: welcome emails, order confirmation, shipping confirmation, shipment delivered, promotional emails, newsletters, etc...
  10. Create employee training materials for sales and support staff and have your staff mention the referral program to happy customers
  11. Create and distribute print promotional material (if applicable)
  12. Create a promotional video or a video tutorial on how to make a referral (if applicable)
  13. Include a slip about the referral program when new customers open new accounts, become new subscribers, or makes a purchase from you.

Click here to learn more about how to promote your referral program.

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