This article explains how to install the RewardStream Referrals Shopify app to a Shopify store. You will need administrative privileges on your Shopify store in order to install this app.

Quick start instructions:

  1. Find the RewardStream referrals app by searching "RewardStream Referrals" on the Shopify store, and click Get.
  2. Click Install App.
  3. Select a pricing plan and click to Approve charge.
  4. While your referral program environment is being created, you may configure a few Shopify options and click Save. You'll receive notification when your environment is ready. 
  5. Click Login to RewardStream to configure and launch your referral program.

For more detailed instructions, see additional information and screenshots provided below.

You can watch a video of the process here:


Locate the RewardStream Referrals app listing in the Shopify app store. Click Get to start the installation process.

The Install RewardStream Referrals page will appear. Review the permissions, and click Install App to add the RewardStream Referrals app to your store

A page will appear that allows you to select a pricing plan for your referral program. Review the pricing options available to you and select a plan.

The Approve Charge screen will appear. This will confirm the monthly charges, and indicates the maximum amount that RewardStream will charge you in a particular month for commissions earned.
 Currently, this amount is set to a maximum of $10,000. This amount is the theoretical amount of commissions that you might pay for your program. Clicking Approve charge will allow RewardStream to collect commissions from your referral program business to a maximum of $10,000. Of course, in the real world, it's likely that your commission payments will be much less to begin with.

Here's a quick explanation:

Let's say you select the Business plan.

  • Monthly Fee: $49.00 USD
  • Commission: 3.5% of the first sale resulting from a referral.

Then let's say that your referral program results in 100 referrals in the month of August that each result in a new sale in your store. Meaning that in August, 100 new customers made a purchase because they were referred to you by an existing customer. If we say that the average amount spent by each of the new customers referred to you is $75.00 US, then your referral program will have generated $7,500 US in new business for your store in that month.
 This would result in a commission payment to RewardStream of $7,500 x 3.5% = $262.50 for the month of August, plus your $49.00 monthly fee.

Therefore in order to hit the limit of $10,000 in monthly commission payments to RewardStream in a given month, your referral program will have generated $285,714.28 in new business to you that month.

After you have approved the charges, then you'll be presented with the RewardStream Referrals administration page.

The RewardStream application will be automatically configured for you by our system. It may take 5-10 minutes for the referral program to be prepared. While you wait you may configure two options:

  • Specify that customers must have made a purchase before they can send a referral. You may also set a special message to be displayed that prevents someone from sending a referral until they have made a purchase.
  • You may also specify the text and color for your Floating Referral Button. This is a small widget that appears at the bottom of your store's interface, inviting your customers to make their referrals.

Select your options, and click Save.

Once your referral program is ready, you'll receive a notification email. The RewardStream Referrals administration page will update with a message at the top of the page to indicate that your environment is ready.

Congratulations. You're ready to start.

Click Log in to RewardStream to access your referral program and start building your referral program.

Click here to learn about how you set up your campaign.

The administration page will update after you have successfully launched your first referral campaign on RewardStream.

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