Below is a breakdown of all the creative assets you will need to create for your Referral Program. We recommend that you get these images prepared in advance, so you can easily drag them in as you build your program. A couple things to note about the images:

  • they are mostly background images - you will NOT need to include text on your images. You will be able to type the text in when building the campaign, and it will be overlaid on top to be as responsive as possible and to display best on the different screen sizes out there.
  • be mindful that text/icons/buttons will be placed over top of your background images. The default text that will display overtop of the image is white; for this reason, we recommend slightly darkening your background image, to ensure the text stands out and is legible.
  • the specs are simply recommendations as your referral program is configured to be a responsive site. This means that the image will change in scale depending on what screen size/device is used to access the site.  You are welcome to play around with the image size to suite your image best. 

Here are the images to prepare:

1. Home Page Background Image

- This will be the first impression people will get about your referral program.

Recommended minimum size: 1280px by 720px 

2. Send Referral Page Background Image

- Once a customer has created an account, they will be able to select how they would like to share with their friends.

Recommended minimum size: 1280px by 720px 

3. Claim Offer Page Background Image

-This is the first page that your customer’s friend (who was referred) will see and it may be the first impression of your company.

Recommended minimum size: 1280px by 720px 

4. Social Sharing Image (OPTIONAL)

-This image will be used when your customers share via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

Recommended minimum size: 1400 x 700 pixel

5. Logo

-The logo will be placed on the top left hand corner of the program AND will also be used within the email banner.

Size: Recommended height of 300px

Once your images are created, you will be able to drag the images in as you are configuring your campaign.

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