In order to make sure your referral program works well, you can decide which text ("copy") will be displayed to your customers. You can use these text strings to encourage them to refer their friends to you. There are a number of different places where you should do this.

This article explains where to go to modify that text, and suggestions for words and sentences that can work.

Tips and tricks

  • Be brief. The fewer words, the better - Example Heading text:   "Refer your friends and you can earn rewards."
  • Be clear. Describe exactly what it is that your customers can earn from their referral - Example "offer" text: "Earn a $25 gift card when your friend becomes our customer."  
  • Align your language with that of your customers - If you're a credit union, refer to your customers as "members". "Refer a new member to us ..."
  • Think of who the message is for - You have two audiences for your content: Your advocates - the customers who will refer their friends to you, and your prospects - the people who have been referred to you

To modify your campaign content, from the portal home page, click Campaigns and click Edit next to your campaign.

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