One of the final steps in completing your campaign set up in the RewardStream management portal is making your campaign 'default'. Here are the steps to complete this step:

1. Upon being logged into the RewardStream management portal, select Campaigns.

2. Within the Campaigns tab, you will see all the campaigns you have created. To the right of each campaign, there is an option to 'Make Default', as shown here:

3. Select the 'Make Default' button, and your campaign will move from the campaign list to the Default Campaign section. That's it, you're done.


Do I have to make one of my campaigns be a default campaign?

Yes, in order for your campaign to be accessible via the campaign URL, you will need to make one campaign default.

What happens if I have more than one campaign?
Only one campaign can be made default at one time. Your other campaigns will be accessible, but will have its own unique URL. This URL can be found if you select the 'Details' button for the campaign. A URL will display which you can copy and share that way.

I accidentally made the wrong campaign default and I'm unsure of what to do?
Simply select the 'Make Default' button for the campaign that you would like to make default. The page should update in a few minutes. After a few minutes if the previous campaign is still showing, please clear your cache and cookies on your web browser, and try again.

Can you describe a scenario why you would change the default campaign?
If for example, your existing default campaign is currently offering your customers 15% off of their purchase. Perhaps you would like to offer your customers 25% for Black Friday. You could then create a Black Friday campaign, make it default for a limited time period, and easily switch it back to your default campaign.

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