Did you know that you are able to run multiple campaigns for your referral program For example:

 Here’s a few things to consider about running multiple campaigns:

  • How to Set Up Another Campaign
  • Uses of Multiple Campaigns
  • FAQs 

How to Set Up Another Campaign

There are no fancy bells and whistles in setting up a new campaign. All you have to do is simply follow the steps in the article How to Set Up a Campaign. If the RewardStream team helped you set up your campaign, please reach out to us at getstarted@rewardstream.com so that we can get you going with another campaign, and ensure that it is within the plan type you are on.

Once you create another campaign, you will notice that on your Campaigns page, there is now a list of campaigns that will appear. You can now select your new campaign, and edit away.

Uses of Multiple Campaigns

Below are few use cases to consider when planning out your upcoming marketing campaigns:

Testing Rewards or Content

Consider testing different rewards, images, and content to see what combination converts better.

Time Based Promotion

If you are looking to spice up your offer for a limited amount of time, instead of changing the parameters of your day-to-day campaign, you can consider running a campaign for a limited amount of time. For example, if your day-to-day referral campaign that rewards $25 for each referral, if you are looking to bump up the program participation for Black Friday, you can offer $50 for a few days. by creating a new campaign.

Location Based Offers

If you have products/services that are only available within certain geographic locations, you can create a unique campaign for that location. For example, if Dusty’s Donuts sells the world’s best donut mix online, but only offers donut classes in Chicago, you can have a campaign for referrals for the online donut mix and create a unique campaign for the donut classes in Chicago. This will allow for promotion of the donut classes, without taking away the referrals for the online donut mix business.

Provide a Unique Offer to a Select Few

If you are interested in providing a unique offer to a select few such as who you may deem as your VIP customers, you can create a campaign and only share the campaign with this specific group. You could create an email campaign to this group, and include the URL of the unique offer for referrals, and not have it interfere with an existing campaign open to everyone.


What is a default campaign?

A default campaign is the main campaign that is available for all of your customers if they find and arrive to your referral program on their own to send referrals from.

How do non default campaigns work?

A campaign that has been created but is not the default campaign can be accessed by your customers via a unique campaign link. This link can be access via visiting the link directly or sending the special link via email or placed on a special landing page.

  • The link can be found if you click on the Details buttons for that campaign
  • The link will look something like https://rewardstream.rstrm.com/c/a1b2c3d4
  • The link will give customers who have access to it the ability to send referrals from a campaign that is not the default campaign
  • The link will create a cookie that lasts for 31 days so if your customers re-visits the referral website without using the unique campaign link within 31 days of their initial visit, they will still see that campaign (if they do not clear their cookies)
  • If a customer visits a different campaign link (e.g. https://rewardstream.rstrm.com/e5f6g7h8), the new campaign link will override the existing cookie and show the new campaign

Can everyone create a new campaign?

You will need to be on a specific plan type to ensure that you can run multiple campaigns. If you are unsure of what plan type you are on, please your sales rep, or reach out to us at getstarted@rewardstream.com

I want to create a new campaign and have it look different from my existing campaign, is this possible?

Great question! Yes, this is entirely possible. You will be able to update the header (including the logo), the colors, the images, copy and share messages of each campaign. The only thing that will not change from campaign to campaign are the following sections:

  • Program Emails
  • Program Rules
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact Us

When logged in the portal, these sections are listed under the Content section to help you recall that they are program wide (versus campaign specific). Please ensure that the list above includes generic enough content so that it will make sense for each campaign that you create.

Can a customer participate in more than one campaign?

Yes, your customer can participate in more than one campaign.

Does that mean they can double up on rewards?

Yes, but keep in mind that rewards will only be awarded with new referrals that bring in new customers. If a referee tries to participate in 2 different campaigns, it will recognize that their account already exists with one of the campaigns they claimed their offer from, and that your company processed first. You can then encourage your referees to become referrers to continue earning rewards, and have them refer their network.

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