This article explains the basics of creating a new referral campaign from scratch.
A campaign has a few attributes:

  • A friend incentive (any reward you'll offer the people that are referred to you) in the form of a $ or % discount. The friend incentive also has an expiry date that you can set. 
  • A customer reward (the reward you'd like to present to your customers for making successful referrals) in the form of a $ or % discount
  • And of course a campaign name (visible only to you)

After you finish setting up your campaign, be sure to follow the steps outlined in

5 Steps to Get a Campaign Set Up

Step 1 - Login to the portal and select Campaigns from the navigation bar on the left

Step 2 - Select Create a New Campaign, and Continue

Step 3 - Choose a Referrer Reward

This reward will be provided to the customer who successfully makes a referral, and helps you gain a new customer. Once the purchase is completed by their friend, they will receive an email letting them know they have earned a reward. You can select from the following rewards, similar to above:

  • Fixed Dollar Coupon
  • Percentage Off Coupon
  • Free Shipping Coupon

The reward will be applied to their next purchase. Since it is more of a thank you, there is no need to set a minimum purchase limit or set an expiry date.

Step 4 - Referee Offer - This reward is for your potential new customers. These are the people who have been referred to you. Consider a reward that you feel will entice them to make the leap and try out your product/service.

 Note: While it is not mandatory, we recommend providing this type of reward to these "referrees". Research has shown us that your customers will be more likely to refer their friends to you if customers can also pass along a deal or discount to their friends

 The rewards you have choose from include:

  • Fixed Dollar Coupon
  • Percentage Off Coupon
  • Free Shipping Coupon

Both the Fixed Dollar Coupon and Percentage Off Coupon options allow you to set the amount of the discount (eg - 10% or $10 off). You may also set the minimum purchase amount required (how much they need to spend to apply the discount).

Step 5 - Name Your Campaign and Finalize the Rules

When naming your campaign, keep in mind that this will only display in your list of campaigns within the Portal, and will not be customer facing. Consider naming it something that will help you recall what the campaign was about. (eg - First Campaign, 10% Offer $20 Reward, or Q1-2017 campaign).
You can review the rewards you previously chose for your program. If you would like to edit your selections, simply hit the back button to make changes.

Finally, if this isn't your first campaign and you would like to duplicate the content from a previous campaign, you can select from the dropdown seen below.

You are all set! Now that you have created a campaign, check out the article on How to Customize Your Campaign Content.

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