The RewardStream Referrals platform allows you to configure your referral program to send/deliver emails in different ways, and to ask for additional consent from referral program members, depending on the rules and regulations in your geographical area.  

Note: We provide the following settings to help you keep your program in compliance with your local laws and regulations. It should not be considered legal advice.

To modify your email compliance settings:

Login to your RewardStream Referrals administration portal.

  1. Click Settings in the menu on the left.
  2. Click Compliance.

The RewardStream Referrals platform provides three different sections that can be configured:

  • Email delivery setting
  • Consent setting
  • CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) Setting

Email delivery settings

This section helps you configure your program to meet your local email and privacy regulations. The platform can either

(a) deliver emails on your customer's behalf or

(b) allow your customers to use their own email clients to send emails

When the former is selected, the platform will store the name and email address of recipients in order to pass them through your unsubscribe list and deliver the email, which may not be compliant with some privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR) as these users will not yet have provided consent.

Follow the directions provided on the screen. Click Edit to update the Email Delivery Settings.

Choose which  method you wish to follow.

Click the Save button.

These settings allow you to request that your referral program members (referrers and referees) explicitly consent to having emails sent to them.  Without consent being received, the system will not send emails to such individuals.  

Ask for express consent upon referrer registration - when new customers join your referral program, they will be prompted to check a box to confirm that they consent to having emails sent to them from the system.

Ask for express consent upon referee claim offer - when people have been referred to you, in order for them to claim their referral code and/or discount (prior to making their first purchase) they will be prompted to check a box to confirm that they consent to having emails sent to them from the system.

CASL Settings (Canadian Anti Spam Legistlation)

These settings allow you to configure whether or not your users see a specific visual prompt during the referral process. This prompt will ask users whether or not they agree to only refer their personal friends and family members to your business  (people they "know").   A second reminder can also be configured to display. 

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