Here are some examples of default campaigns you could run:

  • Offer a $25 reward for a new customer to open a new account with you
  • Offer 10% off a new customer's first purchase with you

Here are some examples of promotional or non-default campaigns you could run:

  • Limited time promotions (e.g. everyone gets a $50 reward vs the standard $25 reward for the next 30 days)
  • Re-targeting promotion (e.g. referrers get a re-marketing email to send another referral with a slightly different offer to encourage more referrals)
  • Target a geographic regions (e.g. a specific campaign link sent to only customers in Phoenix, AZ)
  • Target a segment of customers (e.g. a specific campaign link only sent to customers longer than 2 years or to customers who pay more than $60 per month or to customers who have made a purchase over $200 in the past)
  • Test different messaging / content (e.g. replicate the same campaign rewards and rules but test different messaging on landing pages and emails to see which campaign converts better)
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