We understand that each company may want to offer a different reward depending on your business.  Our platform can handle a wide range of rewards and incentives, both digital and physical goods.

Automated Rewards
Our system is able to automatically work with your e-Commerce store and reward the following:

  • Percentage discounts
  • Dollar discounts
  • Free shipping
  • Gift Card (virtual - through an integration with our partner - additional fees may apply)

If you don't have an automated store, but would like to reward any of the above, we can chat about how we can make this happen. 

Manual Rewards
If you willing to reward your customers manually, with some help from the RewardStream portal, many of customers have offered rewards such as:

  • Gift cards (virtual or physical)
  • Account credits
  • Cash
  • Extended subscriptions
  • Points
  • Merchandise
  • Digital rewards
  • Charitable giving

This is a good option for businesses that anticipate on handling under 30 successful referrals per month. 

With a bit of integration and/or operational planning, we are open to other customized solutions that your business may need. Chat with us or email us at getstarted@rewardstream.com to help you figure out the rewards and rewarding structure for your referral program.

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