There are three interactive components of the referral program:

Referral Website: This is the website the existing customer (Referrer) and their friend or family member (Referee) interface with to participate in the referral program. Referrers use the website to sign up to the referral program to send referrals, check their referral history, and update their profile information. Referees use the website to accept referrals and, if required, close the loop on the referral by providing their account or purchase information.

Program Emails: These are transactional and re-marketing emails sent to program members and their referee that are related to the referral program. These emails are sent by RewardStream via a third-party email provider.

RewardStream Portal: This is the website program managers will use to manage their referral program. The Portal can be used to set up and manage campaigns, search for referrals, search for program members, verify referrals, manage email opt-out lists, and more.

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