The terms and conditions helps to set the rules that your customers must agree to in order to use the referral program website. Similar to the Program Rules, we have provided default copy to give you a head start. Although there is default copy, you will need to edit it to add specifics/clarification about your program. You are welcome to simply edit it, or completely change it based off of what you think will communicate best the rules of your program.

To edit the the copy, please log into the RewardStream Portal, on the left hand side menu, select Content > Terms & Conditions. From there, edit away - and don't forget to hit the 'Save' button on the top right hand corner.

You have 2 options in this section:

1. Use your existing terms and conditions - Simply select the toggle, 'Use my existing Terms & Conditions page', and paste in the URL to your terms and conditions.

2. Paste in your terms and conditions or edit the existing template we have prepopulated - Select the toggle, 'Provide my content below', and paste in the copy/edit the default. You may need to format it using the formatting tools on our site.

Please note: If you choose to edit the default copy, you will see some merge fields, for example [CompanyName] or [ProgramName]. There is no need to edit those fields, as our system will automatically generate them for you. You only need to worry about the copy around those merge fields.  If you accidentally delete these fields, you can simply re-type them, remembering to include the square brackets that enclose the merge field names. For example: [ProgramName].  A complete list of Merge Fields is located in this document.

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