eCommerce Pricing

If you are using one of our e-commerce software plugins for your online store (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce), click here to view the pricing. Our pricing for e-commerce platforms have fixed monthly fees combined with variable commissions paid to RewardStream when the referral program generates new sales for your business.   

Fixed monthly fees are charged at the beginning of the billing cycle. Variable commissions charged at the end of the billing cycle and are calculated based on the value of the first order before discounts, shipping, and taxes. You only pay commission on the first sale made from each referral and commissions are not paid on subsequent purchases, keeping your costs low. Commissions range from 3.5% to 10% depending on the service plan you select. 

If you are on Shopify, fixed monthly fees and variable commissions are charged using Shopify billing. If you are on Magento or WooCommerce, we will charge the credit card that is provided upon sign up within the first week of every month.

Standard Pricing

If you are not using one of our e-commerce software plugins, click here to view the pricing.  Pricing is based on the size of your referral program, measured by the number of referrers (advocates) who have registered for your referral program. 

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