1. After you have configured your referral program, your “Refer A Friend” button will appear at the bottom of your store.    

2. Your customer advocate clicks on the Refer A Friend button. If they are not logged in to their My Account, they will be asked to log in or create a My Account on your store.

3. Your customer advocate chooses their referral method (email, instant messaging, social media, referral link) and sends a referral to their friends. 

4. When a friend clicks on your customer advocate's referral link, that friend will provide their name and email address to get a unique referral code from our system, a discount coupon for their first order.

5. When the referred friend places an order and uses their referral discount coupon code, the RewardStream Referrals app will verify the order and rewards the customer advocate with their reward, usually a discount coupon for their next order.  

6. Your customer advocate is sent a reward email that contains their reward discount code for their next order. If you'd like to reward something else, chat with us to learn what else you can reward (e.g. virtual gift cards, merchandise, points, etc.).

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